Игра Наказания Фей - Омаке Хвоста Феи Хиро Машимы.

Returning to Magnolia Town and recovering their Guild's building, Team Fairy Tail A & B bicker over which team will have the privilege to make the other team do whatever they desire for an entire day.


Laxus beats Erza

Лаксус побеждает Эрзу

Makarov crosses his arms as he reminds himself that since Fairy Tail Team A and B united during the Grand Magic Games tournament it has been rather hazy, but that the time to settle which team gets to dominate the other for a whole day has arrived. He restates the rule: the losers have to do the bidding of the winners for an entire day. Full of confidence, Laxus stands in front of his team as Cana, Juvia and Mirajane cheer for him from the sidelines, as well as Gajeel instructing him not to lose. Erza, however, apologizes and claims victory for her team beforehand, with Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Wendy and Elfman telling her to give it her all, afraid of what the monsters of Team B might force them to do. Stepping up and getting ready, Laxus and Erza settle the dispute with a game of rock-paper-scissors; Erza draws scissors whilst the former crushes her with rock. With a sly grin on their faces, the members of Team B pick their victims.

Laxus picks Natsu and Elfman

Лаксус выбирает Нацу и Эльфмана

Makarov names the victors, and soon lets them have a go at picking who they want. Meanwhile, Team A sulks over their defeat. Happy and Carla, finding the situation amusing, are approached by Pantherlily, who reminds them that they are also part of Team A. Shocked, they call this unfair. Laxus claims Natsu and Elfman, Juvia; undoubtedly, elects Gray. Mirajane rapidly takes Erza, whilst Gajeel points towards Lucy and chooses her. Worried, Wendy stands to the side as no one has claimed her, but Cana, being the only one left, picks her.

Juvia offers some water to Gray

Джувия предлагает немного воды Грею

Afterwards, Laxus gives Natsu and Elfman the task of bringing him bread and milk in under five minutes. Rushing out to accomplish said task, they quickly return with what he asked, but Laxus turns the bread down as he tells them that they got the incorrect one; he orders them to go back. The Thunder God Tribe converses about the current situation and Bickslow notes that Freed, who is more willing than anyone to perform Laxus' orders, seems to be under more pressure than Natsu and Elfman. Elsewhere, Juvia holds a spoon to Gray's mouth as she tells him to open wide, with Gray following her command without asking questions. As soon as Juvia reaches his mouth however, her nerves get the better of her as she thrusts the spoon into Gray's mouth with force. Trying to apologize she removes part of her clothing and using her body fills a cup with water, though Gray rapidly refuses.

Mirajane and the Maid being punished

Mirajane and the Maid being punished situation

At the same time Erza, wearing a maid outfit, states that if all she has to do is wear said outfit it will be a piece of cake. However, Mirajane warns her not to underestimate her and tells her to have a bit more shame, though Erza tells her she is asking for the impossible. Quickly enough Mirajane thinks of a way to make the situation embarrassing for Erza, coming up with the idea of tying her hands and feet calling it the "maid being punished" situation. A second later, Mirajane orders her to call her master, which Erza refuses to do. Transforming into her Satan Soul, Mirajane spanks Erza as she calls her a peasant maid. Lisanna, Macao and Wakaba begin to exit the scene as they declare that the old Mirajane has returned.

Lucy's punishment

Наказание Люси

Gajeel, on the other hand, begins to sing as he forces Levy and Lucy to dance to his song. Levy, looking at Lucy's cleavage, believes that she herself is the only one being punished in comparison to Lucy. She begins to cry and leaves the stage, with Gajeel chasing after her. Lucy, befuddled, thinks that her punishment is over, but Gajeel reassures her and tells her that Mirajane will be taking care of her now. Gajeel then leaves to find Levy. Lucy looks at the demonic Mirajane holding Erza as she seats in a throne, afraid to find out what will happen to her.

Wendy trying out some clothes

Венди примеряет кое-какую одежду

Around Magnolia Lily is carried by Happy and Carla in midair as he seats in a chair. The two Exceeds complain but keep on supporting him nonetheless, thinking about Wendy and Cana. Meanwhile, Wendy is dressed in a wedding dress, pondering the reason behind this. Cana looks at her and tells her to change it. Wendy begins to try on several clothes, all exposing too much skin for her taste in clothing. Finding the courage to ask her the reasons behind making her do this, Wendy is told that she will be taken to an old man that likes this sort of stuff. Scared, Wendy covers herself and attempts to leave Cana's watch.

Wendy shares her adventures with the kids

Венди делиться приключениями с детьми

The two girls soon leave the store and wonder around town, while Wendy asks Cana questions about her punishment; only to receive a comment that makes her want to return home. Shortly thereafter, they reach a church and walk inside, where they are greeted by an angry Father Brock telling Cana not to drink in church. Several children approach Cana, delighted to see her, and quickly turn their attention to Wendy. Forming a circle around her, they encompass her as they begin to question about her and the happenings in the tournament. Father Brock and Cana talk among themselves and notice how happy the children are to be around Wendy.

Cana tells Wendy her stories

Кана рассказывает Венди её рассказы

Night time is quick to come. Cana sits under a tree and tells Wendy that the church they just visited is an orphanage, and that she stayed there for a while when she was searching for her father. She then continues to tells Wendy that when she told them about her they all wanted to meet her, since she is their inspiration. With a sadden expression, Cana tells her how great it is to have a family like Fairy Tail. She puts her hand around Wendy and tells her that even though the Guild is her family now, it wouldn't hurt to chat with someone from ones own generation once in a while. Wendy blushes and calls her punishment thoughtful, and asks if she will be able to meet with the kids again. Cana responds affirmatively, and adds to that statement that when she was younger she had a bigger chest than Wendy, making Wendy scream in embarrassment.

Payback time

Payback time!!!

The next day, Natsu and Elfman look for Laxus around the guild as they claim that it's time for payback. Max tells them to stop, as it will just prove to be a disaster. Gray shudders as he states that he can no longer look Juvia in the eye, with Juvia finding this unbelievable. Elsewhere, Erza spanks Mirajane and tells her that it's her turn to do as she please. Lucy, still tied, begs for anonymous help. Lily, carrying Happy and Carla, flies and wonders how Happy and Carla fell asleep while flying. He then notices that Cana and Wendy are sleeping under a nearby tree and states that even though he does not know what happened, their faces seem pretty happy.

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